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Visit any casino and you’ll probably find their most popular games are their video slots. But if you’ve never played them before you’re probably wondering exactly how they work. And almost every online slot in the world will have them. Of course there’s there’s always going to an exception to the rule and you’ll find some games that don’t have paylines but for today we’re going to look at the ones that do. 


Every slot machine you play will be different in some way shape or form. The one thing that will link every single slot machine is its paytable. Now, a pay table won’t automatically pop up when you open a game so you’ll need to know how to access it before you play.

Of course, it’s a pretty difficult task to say exactly what every game paytable will entail but you’re usually guaranteed to always have those. 


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Checking a payable is an integral part of any gaming session. When it comes to some bonus features and Free Spins you may be greeted with several options of play

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